Mold Remediation

Summit Restoration has highly trained and experienced mold remediation technicians who adhere strictly to industry guidelines for both your safety and ours.

Exposure to mold can cause nasal stuffiness, wheezing, skin irritations, and in some people, even worse symptoms. It is important to address a mold problem as soon as possible. Generally, when you can see evidence of mold in your home or business, there is 2-3 times more mold at the source growing and unseen. Not only does mold pose a serious health hazard, but it can eat away at the porous surface of load bearing beams and supports and cause structural damage to your property.

We will first do a thorough visual inspection of your home or office to determine the best course of action. Moisture saturation levels will be determined using invasive and non-invasive moisture meters, and pre-remediation mold tests will be performed.

Any affected areas will be contained for your safety, and contaminated material will be removed.

A negative air system will be set up to remove any contaminants in the air. The entire area will be cleaned using all-natural germicide and antimicrobial products.

Once all mold has been removed/remediated and the affected area is dried out completely, a 3rd party company will complete a post-remediation mold test. We do this to comply with industry standards, thereby giving you peace of mind that there is no remaining mold in your home or business.

Upon confirmation that all mold has been remediated, our experienced specialists will reconstruct the affected area, including any structural repair, drywall, painting, and anything else needed to return your home or business to normal. We are a certified residential and commercial general contractor and have experts in all fields of construction.

If you plan to file a homeowner’s insurance claim, contact your insurance company. Let your representative know that Summit Restoration & Construction is working on remediating the mold in your home or office. Be sure to write down the claim number you are given. Your specialist or project manager would be happy to meet with your insurance adjuster or speak with the insurance company to go over the damage together. Our expertise and years of experience puts an expert in your corner to make sure the job is done right.

Mold is not something to take lightly, and the removal process may seem overwhelming, but it is vital to do it quickly and do it properly. Summit Restoration and Construction will not only put your family’s safety as a top priority, but we will also strive to make this process as easy and as stress-free as possible.